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Light is the element that persists throughout my work, much like air. It is the thing that illuminates and energizes everything around it. In many ways, it is the most important part of my work.

I use light to create atmosphere, to direct the viewer's attention, and to create a sense of space. I also use light to create the illusion of volume and depth. I often use light to create a sense of motion or energy.

I use a variety of light sources, including natural light, artificial light, and light from electronic devices. I often use light in combination with color to create specific effects.

I first became interested in real-time ray tracing and digital art when I saw some stunning examples of what could be done with this technology. I was amazed by the level of realism that could be achieved and the incredible level of detail that could be portrayed in digital art. I was also intrigued by the possibilities for creative expression that this technology offered. I wanted to learn more about it and see what I could create with it.

I am a sculptor interested in light, space, and time. I am interested in the meaning of a space, the meaning of a place, the meaning of a material, the meaning of being. The questions I ask are: How does the light in a space change the nature of the space? How is the meaning of a space changed by the time of day, year, and season? How is the nature of a material changed by the light it is exposed to over the course of time? How do these three factors define the meaning of a place? The answers to these questions are my subject matter.

The materials I use are usually things that people would not initially consider as being art materials. The materials I use are also things that people would not initially consider as being materials for sculpture. I am interested in materials that are found in the landscape and in the studio.

I am interested in the process of making a sculpture that is more than the sum of its parts.

My sculpture is an exploration of structure. It is an exploration of how structure can be defined, perceived, used, transformed, and transformed into an art object.

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